If you are placed on probation, then you are subject to special conditions of probation such as payment of a fine, community service, and other strict requirements. Often times something like missing a monthly payment or failing to update your address or phone number can trigger a technical violation. Technical violations as well as committing new crimes can and will trigger a probation revocation. The judge who handled your original sentencing will determine the outcome of your probation revocation. The judge can revoke a portion or all of your probated sentence depending on the alleged violation. The stakes are particularly high when dealing with a probated sentence under the First Offender Act. A judge could take away your First Offender Status and re-sentence you to the maximum sentence allowed by law. Your freedom is on the line if you are facing a probation revocation. Call me to discuss your options and the best way to handle a probation revocation.
As a former prosecutor, I know how to navigate the system. Don’t talk to the probation officer alone. Contact my office so I can advocate on your behalf.